Saltögården - an introduction

Saltögården is situated on the Swedish west coast between Gothenburg and Oslo, in the beautiful archipelago of Bohuslän. Saltögården is a donation made in 1967 by the industrial tycoon and music lover Erik Järnåker. It is administered by the owner Saltö AS (norwegian company).

For decades, it has been a refuge for musicians, composers, teachers, and choirs. Here they can rehearse, compose, or just savour the stillness and breathtaking scenery.

Saltögården consists of five log houses; A, B, C, D, and E. Three of them have a kitchen each, shower room, central heating, seven beds, a fireplace, and a grand piano. In the A house, there is also a larger kitchen, a living room, fourteen beds, washing machines for general use, and a dining room. The fifth building houses a concert hall and two grand pianos. It can hold an audience of 50 people.

Saltögården has 50 beds in all, and can take up to 80 visitors. You can book the entire estate or part of it all through the year.

For further information and/or booking, please contact:

Oddrun Hyttedalen,
Phone: +47 95 02 08 90
E-Mail :